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Lotniczy Dęblin

Welcome to Dęblin!

Dęblin, a place where centuries-old traditions meet modernity, is the town where Poland got its wings. Fortified with a complex system of 19th-century defence structures, this picturesque destination in the Lublin region is located at the fork of the Vistula and the Wieprz, the two largest Polish rivers. Dęblin is home to kind, open and warm people, where the Local-Government departments make great efforts to create a business-friendly environment. This town is a perfect location, which holds great potential and is full of life. You will be delighted at the breathtaking beauty of the Vistula landscape, while the local monuments and national memorials will take you back in time. When you look up to the sky you will see the aerial stunts performed by our Flying Aces and hear about those whose courage and bravery brought Dęblin and Poland worldwide renown. In Dęblin the sky is the only limit for your investment!

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Urząd Miasta Dęblin
ul. Rynek 12, 08-530 Dęblin
Tel.: +48 81 883 00 01, fax: +48 81 880 19 11


The project is co-funded under the European Regional Fund within the Regional Operational Programme of the Lubelskie Voivodeship for the years 2007-2013