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Exemptions and reliefs

The authorities of Dęblin have long expended efforts to make the town an investor-friendly destination. So far, the Town of Dęblin has adopted a number of regulations on tax exemptions and reliefs to encourage investors and support entrepreneurship.

For instance, businesses can take advantage of property-tax exemptions if their investments create new jobs. Our staff will be happy to provide you with any assistance you might need to facilitate and fast-track the investment procedures.

The investment procedure

1. Investment location

If your plot is included in the Local Land-Development Plan (MPZP), you will need an extract from MPZP.

2. Pre-construction terms and conditions

  • Before you can apply for a building permit, you will need to obtain:
    • An extract for the investment plot.
    • Basic extracts for the neighbouring plots.
    • A cadastral map extract.

    You can obtain the above-mentioned documents from:

    • The County Office in Ryki
      Construction and Architecture Division
      Address: ul. Wyczółkowskiego 10A, 08-500 Ryki
      Phone: +48 81 865 74 64, +48 81 865 74 65
    • The Department of Geodesy, Cartography, Cadastre and Property Management, Branch Division in Dęblin
      Address: ul. Rynek 12
      Room 16
      Phone: +48 81 883 01 83
  • Then you will need to prepare a topographical map for design purposes for the investment plot.
  • Now you can take steps to connect the utilities.

    You will find information on how to connect to the power grid in Dublin from:

    The Power Station
    Address: ul. Spacerowa 1
    Phone: +48 81 883 00 71
    PGE Dystrybucja S.A. Lublin Branch. Puławy Energy Region, Dęblin Power Station
    Address: ul. Ballona 10
    Phone: +48 81 883 00 71

    Information on water and sewage connections is available from:

    The Water & Sewage Emergency Service
    Address: ul. Mickiewicza 1
    Phone: +48 81 883 05 90, 994

    You can find all the necessary forms and blanks related to water and sewage connections at the MZGK office at ul. 15 Pułku Piechoty “Wilków” 3 or online on:

  • The next step in your investment procedure is to prepare a building plan and a plot-development design.
  • For investments on agricultural land you will need to change the land use from agricultural use. To this end an architect will need to mark your plot on a topographical map and submit a request to the District Governor in Ryki to obtain the appropriate decision.

3. Building permit

In order to obtain a building permit you will need (in addition to the above-mentioned documents):

  • 4 copies of your construction design, together with all the opinions, agreements, permits and other documents required under special regulations.
  • 4 copies of the Land-Development Design.
  • A certificate that you are authorised to manage the property for construction purposes.

Please submit your request for the building permit to the County Office in Ryki. The body responsible for issuing building permits is the Department of Construction and Architecture.

4. Property Reference Number

Please submit your request for a Property Reference Number to the Dęblin Town Office, Municipal Asset-Management Department, ul. Rynek 12.

5. Investment implementation and completion

You will need to report to the District Inspectorate of Construction Supervision in Ryki before you commence your construction works:

Address: ul. Wyczółkowskiego 10a
Room nr 209-210
08-500 Ryki
Phone: +48 81 865 32 11

Please report 7 days before the commencement of the works. When your investment is completed, a representative of the District Inspectorate of Construction Supervision will commission the investment.

Investment procedures


Agnieszka Rodak
Mayor's Representative for Investor Services
Urząd Miasta Dęblin
ul. Rynek 12, 08-530 Dęblin
Phone: +48 81 880 18 16, fax: +48 690 293 190

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