Międzynarodowa promocja województwa lubelskiego poprzez rozpowszechnianie informacji o marce gospodarczej Lotniczy Dęblin

Lotniczy Dęblin

Project Information

The project is entitled "The 'Flying High in Dęblin' brand as the economic-promotion tool for the town and the region" supported from the European Regional Development Fund under the Regional Operational Programme of the Lubelskie Province for 2007-2013, Priority Axis II, Economic Infrastructure, Measure 2.4: Economic Marketing, Scheme B.

The general objective of the project: to promote the Lubelskie Province worldwide by marketing the "Flying High in Dęblin" brand, using predominantly information and communication technologies.

The specific objectives of the project:

The project is designed to support previous actions towards new investments in the aviation industry, as taken by the city in terms of organisation and marketing. Since THE SKY IS THE LIMIT here, Dęblin is not only about the aviation industry; it also offers an investment-friendly environment for sectors such as logistics and green energy, and support for the Polish Air Force Academy (WSOSP) to create favourable conditions for students.

The project will take a number of measures to explore the brand and the economic value of Dęblin connected with the economic value of the Lubelskie Province as a whole. These measures will be at the core of the promotional campaign based on the recommended marketing tools employing mainly electronic-communication channels. The detailed diagnosis of Dęblin's and Lubelskie Province's marketing potentials, together with the suggested solutions to improve the effectiveness of their marketing operations, will reinforce and guide the promotional campaign.

The general and specific objectives will help to accomplish the main goal of the Regional Operational Programme of the Lubelskie Province – “To improve the competitiveness of the Lublin Region for faster economic growth and increased employment based on the natural and cultural value of the Region”. Through branding and unlocking its potential, the Town will take advantage of its assets in its promotional operations to give the area covered by the project, and the Lubelskie Province as a whole, a competitive edge, especially in the target area of the project, i.e. potential investors operating in aviation, cargo transport and logistics.

The project will also contribute to the accomplishment of the main objective under Priority Axis II, i.e. to creating a business-friendly environment within the Lubelskie Province. This will promote the region as an attractive destination and increase the awareness of the region and its investment, cooperation and collaboration opportunities.

The project is designed to create a positive image of the region and its investment package for potential investors across the selected industries. It is based on the potential of aviation, the high-tech, innovative industry dominant in the area. Given the availability of vast and vacant investment areas in Dęblin, the project also involves other sectors of the economy, such as logistics and green energy, which have already attracted investments to the Town.

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The project is co-funded under the European Regional Fund within the Regional Operational Programme of the Lubelskie Voivodeship for the years 2007-2013